Occupational Therapy

If you have difficulties with everyday tasks, occupational therapy can help. If you have a physical disability, occupational therapy can assist you with practical tasks. You are still recovering from an operation or illness You may have learning disabilities You may have mental health issues are getting older. Occupational therapists can help people of all ages with all aspects of their daily lives, whether they are at home, school, or work.


Tendon inflammation is when a tendon becomes inflamed. This happens when someone overuses or injures tendon during sports. It’s usually caused by an acute injury that causes inflammation. Tendinitis can happen at any age. However, it is more common in adults who play a lot of sports. Tendinitis is also common in older people, as the tendons lose their elasticity and become weaker over time.

Hip or Knee Replacements

Your largest joints are your hips and knees. They support your body weight, and they work in close coordination to allow you to run, lift children, or jump hoops. Many people experience pain in the knees or hips over time. Physical therapy, pain-relief medication or minor surgery can provide relief. Some people have severe hip and knee problems that make it impossible to move normally. A knee or hip replacement is the best option.

Huntington's Disease

Huntington’s disease (HD), a brain disorder, is passed from one generation to the next. This is due to a misinterpretation of DNA instructions, which build and maintain our bodies. HD is caused by a small error in huntingtin, a gene that makes up thousands of DNA genes. This error can cause brain damage and eventually lead to HD symptoms.

Motor Neurone Disease

Motor neuron diseases refer to a range of conditions that affect the brain and spine, causing them to lose their function over time. These are a severe, but rare form of neurodegenerative diseases. Motor neuron disease (MND), although it can occur at any age, symptoms are most common after 40 years. It is more common in women than men. Stephen Hawking, an English physicist, was a living example of ALS until his death in March 2018.

Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis (MS), a chronic condition that affects your central nervous system (CNS), is known as “multiple sclerosis”. Myelin is the protective layer that surrounds nerve fibers and is attacked by your immune system in MS. MS sufferers can experience many symptoms. Because MS is a progressive disease, symptoms may vary from one person to another. For example, difficulty walking Vision problems Speech issues or other symptoms.


Orthopedics refers to a branch in medicine that treats the skeletal system and all its interconnected parts. These parts include bones, muscles and joints, as well as tendons and ligaments. An orthopedist can treat many musculoskeletal disorders. These conditions can be present at birth or may develop from injury or age-related wear.

Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson’s disease affects movement control and is a neurological disease. The disease progresses slowly over time. Parkinson’s disease can cause you to shake, muscle stiffness, difficulty walking, balance, coordination, and other symptoms. As the disease progresses, you might have difficulty talking, sleeping, mental and memory problems, behavioral changes, and other symptoms.

Scar Management

Scar Management or Scarring is an inevitable part of healing after an injury. The body can quickly heal after an injury by scarring. This rapid tissue repair protects the body against fluid loss and infection. The new tissue may not be as good as the original. As part of the reactive, inflammatory, and repairing processes, scarring can result in an excess of connective tissue. Multiple factors influence the appearance of scarring and how it is treated. It is important to consider the depth and location of the cut or wound. Your age, genes and sex are all important.

Patient Testimonials

The quality of your experience and accuracy of your imaging is our top priority. Here’s what some of our patients think about Body Experts.

Asma Aslam Patient

For years, I suffered from chronic back pain.Since receiving Laser therapy at a physiotherapy clinic in Quetta reduced my pain and improved my mobility. Just a few treatments changed my life!

Muhammad Talha Patient

I experienced pain and limited movement. After treatments at the physiotherapy clinic in Quetta, I now have full motion and no pain. The relaxing atmosphere and friendly staff made it a wonderful experience. Highly recommended .

Maria Nawaz Patient

"I visited the physiotherapy clinic in Quetta twice a week and followed exercises at home. After 4-5 years, my shoulder pain is gone. I'm so grateful for the relief!

Aftab khan Designation

During my treatment everyone has been really helpful and extremely professional... although previous providers have been very good I think overall level of your service has been better.

Zulaika Nawaz Designation

Your customer service is excellent. Every physio I have seen has taken time to understand my problem and to listen. I have almost always felt that my treatment was beneficial and any advice that I was given was appropriate and has helped me in the interim and longer term.

Jannat Noor Designation

My recent visit was for a low back pain. Having been to several physiotherapists in the past for the same problem I decided to try your practice, as I have previously been successfully treated for a neck related problem. In just 2 sessions and armed with some home exercises, my back was so much better in a much shorter time than I had experienced previously